Monday, June 25, 2012

goodbye for now, but not for good

I think I've been avoiding writing.  The most obvious reason is I was all consumed with the culmination of my master studies by wrapping up my thesis which was completed and submitted June 20th- wahooo!  I'm a master! 

But, I think I was also avoiding this entry because it means this whole wonderful experience of studies and life in Norway is coming to an end.... for now.  I don't know what the future holds and I know I will return.  Soon.  Norway has a piece of my heart. 

There's so much I'd like to share about my time here but I feel I'll never express it properly.  Perhaps I will start trying as I process.  But, for right now I'm enjoying my last day in Bergen.  The sun was shining for my last goodbye and I had a chance to see a few friends for coffee as well as get a mountain run in today.  There's nothing like Bergen on a sunny day.  It's truly one of the prettiest cities- a quaint European town with green mountains that run to the sea. 

I also had the chance to do a little recording with a friend from Cafe Opera jam session.  I hope you enjoy our work from a few hours this evening.  Thanks David!

And, with that I say 'skal' with my last Hansa beer.

Bergen and the wonderful people I've met during my time here- you have a piece of my heart.

San Diego- I'm coming home and there's no place sweeter.

skal og vi ses,
lisa liv

Monday, May 28, 2012

A whirlwind of a few weeks

The end of the semester always seems to be this way: a whirlwind that doesn’t stop.  It’s a combination of studying for finals, saying goodbye to friends and enjoying the beauties of Bergen.  Additionally, Bergen comes alive and there are so many things one wants to enjoy.  

Fortunately the days are long so there’s still time to enjoy bbqs in the park and hikes in the mountains on top of school work.  This photo was taken just before midnight this past weekend.

Last week was Norway’s national day, ‘Syttende Mai’, the 17th of May.  There’s a parade throughout downtown and many people attend in their traditional dress- a bunad- which are really beautiful.  Each area or region has it's own design.  It's fun to see the different colors and influences.  Bunads, flags, hotdogs and ice cream- it’s a great day to experience here.  Hip hip hoorah!

Earlier last week NHH hosted the BEEER conference- the Bergen Economics of Energy and the Environment Research Conference- for two days.  The attendees and presenters were generally researchers from Scandinavian universities as well as a keynote speaker from Resources for the Future in Washington, DC.  I was invited to attend and it was all very interesting on a range of topics from  different policy instrument effects to new technologies as well as pricing and market power in electricity markets just to name a few.  There was also a last minute cancellation by a speaker so they asked me to present on algae.  Wow!  I can now say I've presented at a research conference :)  Tres cool.

And, as if all of this were not enough to keep a gal distracted from writing her thesis and looking for jobs, Bergen is having some of the most wonderful weather.  It’s so difficult to stay inside!  Today I allowed myself a little break from work, and we had a BBQ and jumped in the sea.  It feels like summer!

Also, for the music lovers, ‘NattJazz’, or a week long jazz fest, is going on nightly in Bergen.  Below are some of the awesome wood creations around town right now.

I finally got into the sea for the first time yesterday and was feeling so invigorated I felt like joining some crazy kids in some jumping off the roof.  Yup, that's me!

Back to thesis, thesis, thesis, thesis.........


Thursday, May 03, 2012

go go algae!

Here's a great piece from the local San Diego CBS station on algae biofuel.  I'm thrilled for friends at SIO and Sapphire Energy.  Yea 'green crude'!!

nearing the finish line,
lisa liv

Saturday, April 21, 2012

happy birthday John Muir

and thanks for your work on forest preservation!

thinking of Yosemite,
lisa liv 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

biomimicry... it's for the birds

Actually, biomimicry is a really cool notion- we can learn and work on solving human problems by examining nature and its models, systems and processes.  And, birds flight is a good example of how we realized the feat of air travel.  

I'm attending a seminar at school this week, 'Environmental Responsibility: The role of NGOs and large organizations.'  Yesterday we had a presentation from Bellona and today was a gentleman from Friends of the Earth Norway.  It's pretty neat to see how they work, who they work with and the projects they are involved in.

One of Bellona's projects is The Sahara Forest Project and you can check it out here.  Sahara.... forest?!  I know, interesting stuff!

Our Friends of the Earth Norway presenter showed this video, and I thought it was something fun and inspiring to share.  It is, in large part, about biomimicry.  As we discussed in class, there are some other considerations not covered like costs.  But, overall I think Michael Pawlyn presents some cool concepts and out-of-the-box thinking that, to me, makes a lot of sense.  This is one thing I love about what I'm studying- there is so much amazing research going on with innovative and revolutionary ways to capture and use energy.  Support R&D, research will blow your mind.

If I could mimic something bio, what would I mimic? Hmmmmm.  What about you?

lisa liv

Monday, April 09, 2012

I'm still a girls girl

Dear blog reader,

I do, indeed, post a lot of stories about great hikes and weekends in the mountains.  And, I am loving my time in the mountains of Norway.  But, I'm still a girls girl and love pretty colors, baubles, clothes, and the like too.  I have less disposable income to indulge myself these days and am shedding material possessions by moving around (this is a whole other story about breaking bad purchasing habits and learning to do more with less which has all been very positive... I'm sure my father is scratching his head about my claims as he passes my bedroom in San Diego teaming with 'stuff'.. but, I digress). So, I thought I would share something that came through my inbox which is rather groovy and eco-friendly.  Staple another dream to the dream board for me for when I'm gainfully employed and decorating my own place again.  In the meantime, go forth and enjoy if you are in the market for some new adirondacks. 

god natt!
lisa liv 

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

falling to the earth....

... this is how one of my friends captioned the photo on facebook and I rather liked it.  A few days ago Bea, Vale, Stephan and I took advantage of a few hours of sunshine and hiked one of the seven mountains around Bergen- Løvstakken.  It was a bit of an adventure... indeed, such is life!... and we had some fun with jumping photos at top.  We also brought a little 'one time grill' and grilled hot dogs for lunch before heading down.  Yum!

Vale, Lisa and Bea
Photo credit: Stephan Duffner

looking towards Bergen city center- Bea, Lisa and Vale
Photo credit: Stephan Duffner
Stephan!  aka Charlie hiking with the 3 Angles
Photo credit: Vale on Stephan's camera 
Pølse (hot dogs) time!
Photo credit: Stephan Duffner 

Fun fun in the sun.

Thank you Stephan for all the great photos!

your sunny gal,
lisa liv