Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello hello from the computer lab on the 3rd floor of NHH's main building.  It's about 8:45pm and I'm taking a little study/work break.  I have no pics to post but I'm purposfully posting to share some of my 'real life'.  Oh yes, it's fun to post pretty pictures and tell of all the fabulous adventures I'm having in Norway.  And they are great, they really are!  But, on a weekly basis, and specifically the last few weeks, I've been exploring the very exotic and exciting computer lab getting lost amongst the rows of PCs and meandering through the world wide web.  Fortunately, there's uaually a good group of companions for the journey making the lost and wandering hours not so lonesome and the victorious hours more celebratory.  When that AMPL file runs with no errors, you all want to shout 'eurika'!

Back to work.  Would anyone like to share their thoughts on the Elspot hourly energy trading market of northern Europe?  I'm all ears :)

hugs, lisa

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