Saturday, April 16, 2011

a, b, c's

Hello Hello!  So, i've decided.  It is time.  While it's fun to post about my trips and goings on, part of my intention for this blog is to share what I'm learning in my program.  There's so many exciting things going on and energy is of the utmost importance- starting now.  I'm really pleased with what I'm studying and feel it's important to help spread information.

I'm stating with some information presented by the head of micro-economic analysis of petroleum for Nordea Bank who presented on campus last week.  This is something we've been covering in class but it really hit me in her presentation.  Below is information from the EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) on the top 15 oil exporting nations from 2009 (generally the same today):

Don't worry about the barrels so much.  Take a good look down the list of countries.  I'd venture to say Norway and Canada are the only two really 'stable' countries on that list.  2 out of 15, hmmmmm.

And, guess who the biggest oil importer is?  You got it, the good old U.S of A.  I'm sure I will preach the need to reduce our use of fossil fuels somewhere along the way.  But, today, this post is to simply make the point, we are relying on unstable sources for the lifeblood of our daily functioning.  Does this concern anyone else?!  You might have heard the term 'energy security' being thrown around.  This is exactly what it means- having stable sources supplying our energy needs.

So, what do we do?  Do we drill more of our own domestic petroleum supply?  Well, let's be honest, it's all finite (ok, maybe not in our generation, but, come on, we are smart people, we can do this!).  Do we keep ourselves reliant on oil?  I believe it's time to start getting more aggressive about other options and I hope this blog will now start building a good case for why and how.

As for oil, EIA predicts gas prices will remain high through the summer months, around $3.71 a gallon (click here for article).  I know y'all don't like the sound of that (or maybe you do because you know high gas prices are the one thing to make people really start looking at the severity of the issue).  But, as some perspective, gas in Norway is typically over $9 a gallon.  Perhaps that would change car purchase decisions and driving decisions?  Just saying.

Mom and I were just visiting friends in Copenhagen and our friends just got a new Skoda 'GreenLine' car.  The car averages 68.9 miles per gallon... holy wow!  Ok, ok, it lacks a little pickup some people might want, but still- impressive!

this is not their Skoda but gives you the idea

I leave you with one last thing for today- the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.  This competition challenges 20 collegiate teams to design, build and operate solar-powered houses that are cost effective, energy efficient and attractive.  I love this!  Brilliant for the government to involve young smart minds in this way.  Here's an entertaining little piece about Ohio States team getting ready.  They came in 10th last year and are looking to win.  Oh the drama!

Off to do some reading about hydro as a good energy storage device especially when integrating more wind power into the electricity grid system.

energetically yours,
lisa liv


Anonymous said...

Nice article about a depressing subject. I like that you do what you can, and spread the news so that others may follow. … I am sharing your article with my friends.

lisa olson said...

Hi Jack! Thanks so much for reading and sharing with others. Let's keep doing what we can :) Cheers! lisa