Sunday, February 13, 2011

And I'm back.

I'm starting to feel like me again.  January was an ok month but a hard month.  I like to chalk January up to a test of mental and physical endurance.  I imagine long dark winters seem more normal year after year but wow.  Hello.  I've lived in SoCal my whole life.  January was a whole new ball game.  Days are short but the hardest part was the overcast.  It never really felt like daytime.  Light hours were a perpetual 3pm.  I won't go on and on, you get the idea.  And, when one did want to go outside to enjoy some daytime, each step felt like it could be the one to bring you too your bum with all the ice on the ground.  I've never been so happy to have a gym membership.  Running on the hamster treadmill kept me sane.

In any event, I made it.  And how quickly the days grow long!  Now the day rises at 8:24am and sets at 5:22pm.  Just a month ago the sun was setting at 3:30pm.  Crazy how that whole earth rotation in relation to the sun thing works.

So, if I'm weathering (ha, unintended I promise) the winter.... I have to take some time (and capital... econ talk, I'm a nerd) to enjoy the great parts about winter-time... skiing!  A couple of friends from my program and I headed to Voss last Sunday for a day on the mountain.  My companions in adventure below are Gunnar from Sweden and Øyven from Norway. Feeling sentimental, I went for skiing on my first ever mountain time in Norway. It's my roots. Not only family wise but it's what I learned first as a tyke. And it was wonderful- I can't remember the last time I was in so much powder. And soft powder! I mean... not that I fell.... ok, maybe I did :) Hey, I had to get my skiing knees back, right!

'welcome to the mountains'

fresh snow!
Other than that, classes are underway and keeping my busy. I did head out to a 'jam session' at Vamosse last Monday night and play a few songs which felt great. One of my goals is to do a few more music things here in Bergen this semester (which shouldn't be hard considering I really didn't play out at all last semester. tear). But, they don't really have 'open mics' like they do in the US. Don't get me wrong, there's lots of music here. In fact, people seem to be very supportive of live music. But, I have to figure out how to get my foot in the door. Always the way in a new market I suppose? The nice thing about open mics is it's a good place to meet people and network with other artists (in addition to trying out new songs, getting nerves out on new songs, etc). Hmmmm, new strategies in the works.

That's me in a nut shell. Life is good. I continue to feel very fortunate to have these life opportunities. I hope this post finds you well and check back soon. I'm sure to have some more stories and visuals.

hugs to keep you (and me) warm,
lisa liv

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