Saturday, August 06, 2011

Shark Attack!

Ok, not really, but it was Shark Week last week... and I was attacked..... by another sea creature... the infamous stingray!  It's my first stingray hit ever and I somehow feel I've escalated to a higher echelon of ocean goddess-ness.  Though, I hope I never step on a stingray again.  It's one of the most painful experiences ever...... hot water works wonders in reducing pain.... and, the biggest bummer is one has to stay out of the water until the wound(s) close up.

Being a surf instructor seems glamorous, and it is.  But it's treacherous!   Here's me a few weeks ago with fellow instructor amigos/as Michael and Chelsea-

It's been a great summer back in San Diego.  I feel fortunate to have had this time at home with family and friends.  I'm also excited to head back to Norway in 2 weeks.  There are things I miss and I'm looking forward to more studies.  I totally dig what I'm studying!

And look at this fun little publication my Dad came across while I was home.  Sorry it's backwards (mac camera) but you can see 'Home Power' with articles all about alternative energies for your home.  Cool stuff!  Check them out at

Alright, off for a ladies afternoon with Mom even if I must hobble.

lisa liv

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Sara said...

Ouch! I can't believe that happened to you! Looks like your time at home has been great. I'm happy that you are enjoying your studies and having quite the adventure.