Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So much to write, so little time...... Welcome Week started Sunday evening with a BBQ get-to-know- each other time for the International Masters Students.  It's a great group and I'm looking forward to working with them for the next 2 years.  We've also been nicely integrated into the school by being put into 'mentor' groups with other Masters students and are doing activities together this week.  Last night was the traditional 'Baptism Ceremony' in the Fuken.  Story goes the Baptism Ceremony is the oldest and most traditional ritual in the student union and has existed since NHH's beginnings in 1936.  Sounds very 'Skull and Daggers'... ahhhh to be back at University.

Receiving my entrance diplome

More about Welcome Week fun soon but I wanted to post a few pictures from our Matriculation Ceremony today.  It was a very nice welcome to the school in an old dinning room donated to the school.  Edward Grieg dinned there amongst others.  The cavings, art and decor made me feel very in touch with my Viking heritage.

with the Rector and Pro Rector

New International Masters Student Friends


Terry said...

Love that you have a blog so I can check out your adventures in the north. Stoked for you.
Have fun.

lisa olson said...

Thanks Big T! I'm glad you're enjoying it :) It's fun to have a somewhat 'living' journal. Hugs to you and the fam!